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PriceYak began 8 years ago as a proprietary automation software for Amazon to eBay dropshipping, built out of the MIT engineering dorms of our founders. PriceYak has inspired a wave of look-alike services. But PriceYak's superior speed, reliability and advanced features make it the secret weapon of choice for today's largest dropship sellers. PriceYak also offers the most generous dropship automation software on the market for beginners who want to start dropshipping for free.

Dropshipping automation that grows with you.

PriceYak is the most advanced automation suite for retail dropship automation. PriceYak supports dropshipping to Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento, and WooCommerce and sourcing from many retailers including Amazon (.com, .ca, .fr,, .in), AliExpress, Walmart, and Costco. PriceYak's tools automate the operation of your store so you can free you and your staff's time for the most important thing: growing your business. Read more about our newest developments for Walmart Dropshipping Automation, Magento Dropshipping, and Dropshipping from Amazon India.

Listing Creation

Create thousands of beautiful listings in seconds simply by entering the product ID you'd like to list.


PriceYak's state-of-the-art repricer catches changes in price or availability at the source market extremely quickly then algorithmically adjusts your listing, ensuring you'll never make a sale at a loss or that you can't fulfill.

Automatic Order Fulfillment

PriceYak AutoOrdering places the order at the source within minutes of receiving an order from your customer. No hassle, no ordering teams, and minimal risk.

Listing Creation Title

More listings means more sales.

Product Listing IconPRODUCT LISTING

Paste in 1 product ID (or 10,000), hit "List", and sit back as PriceYak automatically generates complete, beautiful listings and posts them directly to your eBay account (or other store). Editing Your Shipping, Returns, and Payment info.

Listing Control IconLISTING CONTROL

"Review and List" lets you preview and edit listings before they go live.


YakPal helps you quickly grab and list the best items to dropship from Amazon. Collect product IDs from retailers, identify specific variants, list directly from retailer product pages, and more. Perform a search for top selling items, then use YakPal's "ItemID" grabber to generate a list of all matching product IDs. Get YakPal.

Learn about the ASIN Grabber Tool.

Customize IconCUSTOMIZE

Fully customize your template to make your listings look just the way you like. Fully customize other listing settings using business policy profiles. Editing Your Listing Template.

Advanced Filtering IconADVANCED FILTERING

1) Automatically filters out products that are unavailable or do not match your own custom product filters.
2) eBay VeRO list: PriceYak has the largest eBay VeRO items list in the dropshipping universe with tens of thousands of data points, updated in real-time as we learn of more eBay VeRO and trademark violations. You also have access to a comprehensive blacklist (which you may edit) as well as our proprietary risk estimation algorithms. Read more about VeRO and PriceYak's free eBay VeRO checker.
3) Duplicate prevention, with the option to even prevent duplicates across multiple stores.

Totally Free IconTOTALLY FREE

Best of all, listing creation is totally free!

Repricing Title

Prevent unfulfillable sales or sales at a loss, and maximize profit.

Scale IconSCALE

The biggest dropship sellers on eBay trust PriceYak because it scales to millions of listings across dozens of stores with no sweat. A snappy interface makes using the dashboard a breeze.


Automatically does a "just-in-time" price and quantity check-and-update when a potential customer visits your listing from a computer, preventing sales at a loss, and ensuring that your most popular items are checked extremely frequently.

Per-Listing Overrides IconPER-LISTING OVERRIDES

Override quantity, margin, disable individual checks, and more for a particular listing

Advanced Price Formulation IconADVANCED PRICE FORMULATION

Advanced Price Formulation includes Repricing Ranges, Sales Count Repricing, and allows you to configure different rules for each source retailer. PriceYak also automatically accounts for marketplace fees, has the ability to round up to even numbered prices, and makes it easy to see and tune your settings with Pricing Tester.

Offer-Based Repricing System IconOFFER-BASED REPRICING SYSTEM

PriceYak considers all competitive offers for your product at the source retailer, filters down according to your custom offer selection criteria, then reprices against the best of the remaining offers. PriceYak also automatically tailors price check frequency depending on the popularity of the item. Most price updates happen within 20 minutes of the change at the source retailer.

Stock Determination IconSTOCK DETERMINATION

PriceYak automatically brings products in and out of stock as availability changes on the source, and replenishes stock as you make sales. You also have the ability to lower the quantity on your listing to match the quantity available at the source, or automatically take items out-of-stock temporarily due to issues with the source.

Repricing Title

Eliminate your biggest operational hassle. And eliminate mistakes.

Place Orders IconPLACE ORDERS

Automatically place orders on the source retailer as soon as they come in on your store. PriceYak eliminates the possibility of price or stock changing in between the time you receive the order and place it at the source retailer.

Tracking IconTRACKING

Automatically uploads tracking information to the source order as soon as it is available from the source retailer. Read more about Amazon TBA tracking.

Coyote IconCOYOTE

Coyote proxy management system allows you to access multiple fulfillment accounts using the exact same dedicated IP that AutoOrdering uses, eliminating account linkage. Learn about Coyote.

Ordering Issues IconORDERING ISSUES

Order flow screenshots, detailed error reporting, ability to edit shipping address, and more make it easy to find, fix, and resolve ordering issues.

Returns IconRETURNS

One-click return handling automatically generates a return shipping label at the source and uploads it to the return case on eBay. Learn about Automatic Returns.

Managed Account IconMANAGED ACCOUNTS

Let us manage Amazon sourcing for you. Never worry about opening, maintaining, or funding an Amazon account ever again. Scale to thousands of orders a day without compromising your personal account. Tax exempt Managed Accounts also available. We've written more about what to do if your Amazon Account is Locked.

More Powerful Dropshipping Tools

Listing Performance IconLISTING PERFORMANCE

Automatically place orders from Amazon or other source retailers as soon as they come in on your store. PriceYak eliminates the possibility of price or stock changing in between the time you receive the order and place it at the source retailer. Watch how.

Store Stats IconSTORE STATS

Store Stats page shows you listing and order counts over time, breakdown of listings by retailer, profit histogram, and more.

Bulk Listing Editor IconBULK LISTING EDITOR

Bulk Listing Editor lets you tag or edit per-listing settings in bulk with a simple CSV upload.

Simple Pricing

PriceYak offers the most generous free dropshipping software plan on the market.

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No extra charge for AutoOrders with Managed Accounts.

Supported Marketplaces

In addition to the classic Amazon to eBay dropshipping model, PriceYak now also facilitates dropshipping to Walmart, Shopify, Amazon, and WooCommerce. There is more opportunity than ever to build a fully automated dropshipping business using PriceYak.

Sources AutoOrdering Repricing Listing Creation
Managed Accounts
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Through PriceYak Email Forwarding
AliExpress Unsupported
Ebay US, Ebay CA, Ebay UK, Ebay FR, Ebay DE
Amazon US, Amazon CA, Amazon MX (MFN), Amazon DE
WooCommerce, Magento 2

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