How to start dropshipping for free

AuthorJessica Jin, Product Owner,

Introduction to dropshipping

Dropshipping is a scrappy way to earn extra income because you can start a store for free, sell products without paying for the items upfront, and make a profit without ever touching the inventory yourself. You have the option to build your own site or use eBay or Shopify to sell your products. The easiest way to get started is with PriceYak, which boasts the most generous free dropshipping software on the market: free monitoring and repricing for 100 listings and 300 free automatic orders every month. You can automatically list products on your store and fulfill orders from Amazon right into your customers' hands. Here's how it works:

Create an eBay, Shopify, or self-hosted store for dropshipping.

You can choose to start a dropshipping business on eBay, Shopify or your own website that you run on WooCommerce or Magento. Here are some pros and cons of each option:

Choose items from Amazon to list on your dropshipping store.

Quickly add products, descriptions and prices to your store by using PriceYak's automatic dropshipping listing tool

With PriceYak's automatic listing tool, you can quickly add products to your store by importing data from Amazon.

For each product you'll get:

PriceYak will automatically process your dropshipping orders and fulfill them from Amazon.

PriceYak will automatically process your orders and fulfill them from Amazon. As soon as a customer places an order it will automatically be fulfilled without any manual intervention on your part! The whole process is managed by our smart software so once set up it runs itself without any human intervention. In PriceYak you'll be able to track every order with a dedicated order page that contains relevant information about that specific purchase: customer contact details (name & address), order status, amount paid, amount received, tracking info.

You can open a dropshipping store on Shopify right now for free and have it completely automated with PriceYak software which starts at $0 per month

If you're looking for an easy way to get started, dropshipping can be a great solution.

But you might be worried about the cost of starting something like this.

There are plenty of ways to get started for free or almost free:


I hope this guide has been helpful for you and answered any questions you may have had about how to start dropshipping. If you enjoyed reading this, please share it with someone who might also find it useful! Gurus trying to sell courses will often prescribe a one-size-fits all method for getting rich quick, but the truth is that successful dropshippers have all experimented diligently to find methods best suited to their risk tolerance, time commitments. If all dropshippers were doing the same thing, no one would make any sales! You have to find what makes you unique. At PriceYak we understand that beginner dropshippers need breathing room to figure out what they’re doing. This is why the most generous free dropshipping software for beginner dropshippers on the market, so that new sellers don’t have to worry about crushing fees as they navigate their new businesses.

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