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Walmart Dropshipping Automation: Where do you begin?

Walmart is now the second largest online marketplace, making up just under 7% of retail ecommerce sales in 2021. When considering their stand alone stores scattered across the globe, only Amazon sells more products year over year. And if dropshipping is a part of your business model, it can be hard to not notice the opportunity present and promise of greener markets.

As the popularity of dropshipping has increased rapidly so has the competition. Never before has it been more important to “win the buy box” while keeping your margins in check and reaching your target audience. Walmart is somewhat newer to online sales so they don’t have as much in house competition as Amazon or eBay. For comparison, Walmart had just over 100,000 sellers in 2021 versus Amazon at a staggering 1.6 million!

In this article we will cover Walmart dropshipping with PriceYak and how you can use this incredible marketplace to reach untapped sales channels while boosting your bottom line.

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Why should I use Walmart automation for my dropshipping business?

Finding and accessing new markets should be on every dropshippers “to-do” list.

Dropshipping can be an extremely profitable and fulfilling business(no pun intended). But as we had discussed earlier, with increasing popularity it can be difficult to stand out with so many competitors joining everyday.

Walmart is ideal for those just starting out as well as the professional seller. As a high ranking e-commerce marketplace with over 400 million visitors monthly, it’s not yet saturated to the point that standing out is impossible making it easier to reach your buyer.

Advantages to dropshipping with Walmart:

As we previously mentioned, Walmart is a newer player in the e-commerce arena. Since they don’t have as many sellers as platforms like Amazon and eBay, standing out and getting in front of your prospective buyer can be the difference in making your dropshipping business a career over a hobby. Other considerations for dropshipping with Walmart:

Disadvantages to dropshipping on Walmart:

While there are numerous benefits and advantages to selling on Walmart, there are some downsides to consider before starting:

While there are disadvantages to every marketplace, it's important to not let these discourage you when starting out. When looking at platforms like Amazon, Shopify and eBay your initial capital outlay for Walmart is relatively small given the size of the audience you'll have available.In comparing these platforms, dropshippers are typically better off selling on Walmart due to having low overhead costs and an expanding customer base already built in.

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Dropshipping on Walmart: How to Get Started Now

PriceYak is your best choice for dropshipping auto ordering.

As we have already illustrated, Walmart can be an incredibly powerful platform to use for your dropshipping business. Unfortunately, getting approval to sell can be difficult and time consuming while also trying to run your business.

Now, let’s simplify things and take a closer look at what it takes to get up and running.

Step 1: Find products for your dropshipping business using PriceYak

PriceYak has been the go-to partner for professional and entry level Walmart Marketplace dropshipping. With automated fulfillment, top notch repricing and best in class performance, we’re accustomed to helping store owners fill their listing catalog and get their products in the buy box.

In choosing which products you would like to sell, it can be important to research the various niches and trends that your consumers will be looking for. Keeping these items competitively priced and refreshed will be the key to winning the buy box more often and maintaining your store rating.

Using tools like Google Trends can help you gauge consumer sentiment for a given product while helping you to decide on a pricing model that works for you. Additionally, consider looking at competing sellers and what they are currently pricing at as discounts/increases may be in order.

Once you have your product category in place our product ID tool, YakPal, can quickly collect ASIN’s and product identification numbers to list on your Walmart store. YakPal can save a ton of time and is an invaluable tool if you are using VA’s or spreadsheets to keep listings in order.

Step 2: Apply to sell on the Walmart Marketplace

Walmart has a thorough application and onboarding process to choose only high quality sellers that can provide a positive experience for their buyers. While getting approved on Walmart may seem like an arduous process, it can help to filter out fly by night sellers and potential scammers.

To begin the application process, simply visit the Walmart Marketplace website and click “Request to Sell” in the upper right hand corner. The application will generally take about 15 minutes to complete provided you have all the information at hand. It can be important to be as truthful as possible since incorrect information could lengthen approval times or result in suspension.

Tip: Once completed, final approval can take 1-2 weeks with completion of the onboarding process between 3-4 weeks.

Step 3: Complete the Walmart Marketplace onboarding process

Once your store gains approval from Walmart, you’ll be asked to complete the final stage of the onboarding process. You should by now have received an email that contains the registration link to proceed. Sellers will then be required to:

The next step will be to complete the Walmart Partner Profile. This will often include which details Walmart users will be able to see and include information like company name, description and store policies. When you first get your Walmart store setup you’ll initially need to test the listing and order fulfillment process to be sure everything will work smoothly. You can do this by publishing a small amount of items and placing your own orders. Ultimately, you'll need to test for order acknowledgements, potential cancellations, shipping and refunds.

When the above items are found to be in good order Walmart will need to provide a final compliance review before releasing your store to go live. Once live, your listings can be found on the Walmart Marketplace, usually in about 24 hours.

Step 4: Automate your Walmart store with PriceYak and fulfill orders

Once your Walmart store is up and running you can rest assured that the hardest part is done. The length of time and amount of information it can take to get approval from Walmart is rewarded by gaining access to one of the fastest growing online marketplaces.Now that you are ready to sell, it may be time to review how your store will operate and how Walmart dropshipping automation can help. When orders start coming in, things can get busy fast from processing sales, issuing refunds and providing your buyers with the quality customer service they are looking for from a reputable seller.PriceYak has long been the secret weapon for high volume sellers looking for Walmart dropshipping automation. With a decade-long foundation in ecommerce, we work closely with our sellers to learn more and more about what they need in order to grow and scale efficiently.

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Walmart dropshipping automation FAQ’s

Q: Does Walmart discourage dropshipping on their marketplace?

A: When using PriceYak you can sell dropshipped items to your Walmart buyers. Dropshipping on Walmart is permitted and helps to create a robust marketplace ultimately benefiting the consumer.

Q: Why use Walmart for my dropshipping business?

A: When using Walmart Marketplace for your dropshipping business you gain access to a popular, reliable ecosystem loaded with in-demand products, fast shipping, quality customer service and a captive audience ready to click the buy button.

Q: Walmart isn’t approving my account or has locked me out. What can I do?

A: The majority of accounts not getting approval or being locked suddenly occur due to incorrect information that was given at the time of approval. Most of the time Walmart will simply ask for the correct info and get your store back online. In these instances it pays to be truthful and avoid any potential issues down the line.

Q: Can I use Walmart to dropship to eBay?

A: Walmart is a tough dropshipping source. Many dropshippers have reported that even after they’ve “successfully” placed an order on Walmart, Walmart will frequently cancel the order without explanation. While Amazon is a more reliable source for dropshipping, Walmart is certainly underutilized for this reason, so anyone who can figure out how to consistently create orders on Walmart without them getting cancelled will be poised to make a lot of money!

Q: Is Walmart dropshipping automation the best choice for me and my store?

A: The truth is, while a lot of dropshipping influencers promote a “set it and forget it” approach to running your store, there are a lot of potential issues that can crop up daily. Seller metrics, store ratings, cancellations and buyer questions are just a few of the nuances to deal with when running your business. Using PriceYak for Walmart dropshipping automation can take a huge weight off your shoulders knowing that listing, repricing and fulfillment are the least of your concerns.

Expand your reach, find more buyers!

It’s been said before that “the more listings you have posted, the more chances you have to make a sale”. Expanding your dropshipping business to include Walmart is a smart choice that has benefited many dropshippers already and continues to grow at a rapid pace.

As the oldest and original dropshipping platform, PriceYak has been helping sellers expand their offerings on Walmart and many other marketplaces like Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce, Amazon, Home Depot, Costco and more.

Whether you are a professional high volume seller in search of a better platform or someone just starting out, we would love to help and be a part of your growth plans going forward. Send us a message to for an in person demo and we'll follow up with you soon! Or if you’d prefer to get started on your own, simply sign up with PriceYak here: