TBA Tracking and Dropshipping with Amazon

AuthorNate Coleman, PriceYak.com

Should you convert TBA tracking when dropshipping from Amazon?

If you are dropshipping using Amazon as a source market you probably already know that changes in how you run your business are inevitable.  Amazon is constantly updating, making incremental improvements in an effort to stay ahead of the curve and remain the world’s largest online retailer.  And while they may not be doing this to make your job more difficult, it can bring profits to a sudden halt if you aren't prepared to adapt your dropshipping business quickly.

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One of those big changes in recent years has been how Amazon ships and tracks their own packages. They have been using their own fulfillment services for quite some time now but have also begun using their own drivers for “last mile” deliveries or those close to a fulfillment center.  While this has been great for buyers looking to take advantage of Amazon's fast 2 day shipping, it has presented challenges for many online sellers and dropshippers due to the TBA tracking number they provide.

TBA tracking issues can be problematic for dropshippers of all sizes.

Items fulfilled and shipped by Amazon may now carry the “TBA” designation in the tracking number. This tracking number can be found on Amazon’s site and a few other third party services. Unfortunately, many other ecommerce sites like eBay and Walmart will not accept this information and fulfilling orders through these marketplaces while maintaining your stellar rating can be a challenge. Many services have been converting TBA tracking numbers into Bluecare Express numbers, or scraping legitimate tracking numbers from different orders (with the same approximate delivery date and shipping location) to feign real tracking in place of TBA numbers.

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